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Extremely, very; a lot.
"Dude, he is stoopid fly!" "Damn, you bought stoopid chips for this party! We'll never be able to eat all these!"
Beküldő: Seph 2002. november 4.
23 22
After smoking copious amounts of cannabis (note: not actually stoned) a person may feel "Stoopid" as their brain is still clouded from the effects of the ganja.
Student 1: "Mr. Teacher is pretty off the ball today huh"
Student 2: "I think he is just feeling a little stoopid"
Beküldő: The Boaby 2012. március 19.
0 0
A shorter way to refer to the band Slightly Stoopid
Are you going to the Stoopid show tonight?
Hell yes I am. I would never miss a Stoopid set.
Beküldő: Markatak 2007. május 29.
11 13
A word used to describe someone, or something that is hilarious or silly without it having to be an insult.
"that's stoopid!"
Beküldő: Mobs Moberly 2009. január 30.
1 5
smart way of spelling stupid, used to highlight extreme stupidity, cluelessness, or ineptitude
Women are stoopid drivers.
Beküldő: Andrew Baroody 2006. május 9.
13 17
extremely funny though absurd
when chris tucker first came out he was stoopid
Beküldő: 187 red rum 2006. szeptember 15.
11 16
a stupid way of spelling stupid.
Dont use the word stoopid, it is only for stupid people, unless u r stupid
Beküldő: yinks 2005. április 2.
68 73