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One who is so awesome that not only are they foxy, they are also solid. The most perfect compliment for any lady you gentlemen have your eye on.
Whispering: You're a stone fox.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 22.
763 628
Crying like a little bitch after watching a movie!
Bond cried while watching Stone Fox. What a little bitch.
Beküldő: bouncing back 2007. december 13.
623 529
A sweet lady who is incredibly sexy, classy and probably out of your league. She's might be unattainable, but if you could, you would treat her right.
Ilya: Did you see that girl in class?

Brian: Catherine Peterson?
Ilya: she's a stone fox.
Brian: I know.
Beküldő: Mcclurr 2012. február 27.
63 42
That one guy or girl who is alluring (fox), and yet distant or unattainable (stone).

A stone fox is often mysterious, secretive and probably doesn't know who you are.

First used by Trip Fontaine in 'The Virgin Suicides' when speaking to Lux: "You're a stone fox."
I see that guy in all my classes, but we've never spoken. What a stone fox.
Beküldő: jliszi 2010. október 4.
160 565
The ultimate hot guy!!!
'Omg did you see Steve the other day..he is SUCH a stone fox!'
Beküldő: shehatesu 2007. május 17.
76 710