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A cigar. Also known as a stogie. The word orginates from the men traveling west during the gold rush that smoked cigars. The name stogie refers to the conastoga wagens that the men traveled in.
Man, I just smoked a big ass stog.
Beküldő: monkey spakner 2005. szeptember 24.
Cigarette - a smoke
Pass me a Stogy dawggg
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. november 7.
A stog is a cigar, not a cigarette. Short for stogie.
Bill: "Sorry, I guess it's just too small."
Monica: "That's all right. Use this stog, that'll do the trick."
Beküldő: Nick D 2003. december 1.
a cigarrete.
"Imma buy a pack of stogs."
Beküldő: JodiNicole 2009. január 28.
Can I bum some stogs, bro?
Beküldő: Cam-Ash 2012. január 26.
A badass mother fucka who don't put up with anyone's shit. Good with the ladies even better with a gun. Fuck with this awesomeness and you'll end up getting your head busted!
"Don't fuck with the Stogs!"
Beküldő: yo mista 2013. november 1.
got any stogs?
Beküldő: jesse reedy 2003. március 19.
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