that bike is steezy
Beküldő: CritterMan 2010. április 27.
the act of looking fly
damn bro, these shoes look steezy.
Beküldő: youwishyouwerecool 2009. szeptember 12.
verb: Slang for the word "style".
"Gee, Wally! That hat is totally steezy!"
Beküldő: babymay 2006. november 4.
1. When you do a trick on a skateboard thats buttery.
2. when your so fresh, no one can catch up with you in the "fresh game."
1. Ron Does a Buttery Ass HeelFlip (Realy High And Styeish)
Billy: Dude that Heel Was Steezy!
2. Joe: Dude He's Mad Steezy; NO ONE Can Catch Up With That.
Beküldő: xSCREECHx 2009. március 30.
something really really sick and cool
doing a super sick grab wen snowboarding"THAT WAS the most super STEEZY GRAB EVER!"
Beküldő: trevor342 2008. február 16.
describes a skier/snowboarder bum who wears tall tee's, baggy snowpants (usually of the neon variety), and bandanas. Hangs out in the park all day with other steezy riders. The colorado, skier version of a wigger.
"hey, i was thinking of being productive, getting a job, and graduating from college, wanna join?"

"maybe later brah, gonna shred the gnar instead with my new fluorescent green burton board, serious pow pow down in steamboat...and a new warren miller movie came out"

"stop being such a steezy bro and grow up"
Beküldő: ppobsk 2010. december 9.
stylish, cool, different, WEIRD, dj
that trick was steezy dude
Beküldő: LADE JONE$ 2007. november 12.

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