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The greatest food known to man. Best when eaten dripping with blood.
"I will go eat steak now with honor."
Beküldő: adderall 2004. április 11.
540 207
The best food ever.
Steve: "I am going to eat steak!"

John: "Can I come?"

Steve: "No, it's too good."
Beküldő: IamNotSashaFierce 2010. március 11.
94 47
Good stuff that comes from cows.
Mom; Saints, STOP THAT!!!!! Pick up that knife and cut up that steak.

Saints; that steak is too thick to cut with a knife, I have no choice than to pick it up and bite it.
Beküldő: Saints 2003. október 23.
195 158
A general slang word when a guy is talking to other guys to describe that a woman is attractive . It can mean slightly attractive to very attractive .
Damn , that chick I saw on the beach, she was a STEAK !.
Beküldő: Hef 2007. november 12.
155 147
When something is just so good it's just fucking steak.

The opposite of pork.
That song is steak as fuck bro!

This club is stanky steak steak steak rite nah!

Yo that bitch was all steaked the fuck out.

I'm so steaked for the concert!

Oh my gnasty gnasty gnar-gnar super stanky steak steak, I cannot believe how steak this is!
Beküldő: ain'tporki'msteak 2011. június 20.
20 17
to out perform anyone or a team by 40 percent in a competitive video game usually in a team-death match game type.
Dude did you hear Bungie will give you an awesome prize if you steak them?
Beküldő: devinreal 2011. július 7.
16 16
Not a Verb

"Steak's not a verb!"
Beküldő: This Chick in some room 2011. október 1.
11 13