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the bastard child of math and psychology.
I hate statistics.
Beküldő: bradley90 2011. december 18.
28 6
(1)An offensively normal person.

(2)One who mindlessly follows the crowd, even to the point of letting down or betraying his friends.
(1)You don't really need an iPod, it just makes you a statistic.

(2)You won't D&D with us, just cause it's evil? You fucking statistic!
Beküldő: Logical Dash 2006. június 7.
52 32
The math course that is essentially the lovechild mathematics and English... And sometimes psychology.
Student 1: "Dude! I get to take statistics this year!"

Student 2: "...What? Why are you excited!?"

Student 1: "Because I love math!"

Student 2: "...That isn't math."
Beküldő: PolarBearKorean 2011. július 29.
14 3
a dead man, someone who was murdered, often used in as a lame ass threat
"the act of making someone a statistic"
"You wannna be a statistic?"
Beküldő: Les973 2006. február 13.
20 19
5 out of 7 statistics are made up
Person A: Dude, you KNOW 6/10 girls want me
Person B: Your statistic is LIES!
Beküldő: Makin'Bacon 2009. március 7.
7 14
A person with a disease
uhh... YOU!
Beküldő: MagicDonJuan 2003. november 15.
5 27