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-A funnier word for stinky.
- The wrong pronunciation of "stinky" commonly said by black people's girlfriends
Oh shit girl, you be stanky up in hurrr.
Beküldő: DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN. 2006. április 9.
n. syn. for vagina
I'm going to get some stanky on my hang-low.
Beküldő: Holden McCrank 2003. február 1.
extremelly smelly, not just of the nasty kind.
Nasty: "I couldn't fuck her because the odor of her stanky taco filled the room and brought tears to my eyes."
Not-So-Nasty: "Let me hit that stanky dank, please." mmmmmm.......
Beküldő: Bernie 2003. október 6.
a disgusting smell, usually directed towards a vagina, that reeks of rotten eggs or sweat, after 6 weeks of not showering
damn! whats that stanky smell
Beküldő: deshawnte kang 2009. február 19.
When stinky and skanky form a relationship. A deep sweaty relationship. Smells like skank.
"So I finally got my shirt back that I lent to smelt so stanky!"
Beküldő: Tight N' Bright 2009. április 17.
1. Quality of uncleanliness; dirty.
2. A whore, tramp, or slut.
Here comes that stanky ho again. Look the other way.
Beküldő: 2002. október 10.
Extremely foul smelling
It was just stinky, it was STANKY!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2002. október 22.
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