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Harry Potter's Patronus

James Potter's Animagus

A wicked cool animal.
Harry thought his stag patronus was James Potter in the Prisoner of Askaban.
Beküldő: CrossCountryFool15 2011. május 7.
144 112
To go alone
I'm goin stag to the dance.
Beküldő: sodastars 2003. október 5.
974 189
1. A man about to be married (particularly when on a night out (known as a stag do) with his friends to celebrate his final few days of pre-conjugal freedom.)

2. A male-only social gathering

3. A man who attends a social gathering without their partner.

4. The adult male of various deer, especially the red deer.
1. Paddy is the stag when we go to Newcastle.

2. I can't wait to go on Paddy's stag.

3. Paddy came out as a stag in Newcastle.

4. Look at that beautiful stag - make sure you keep down-wind.
Beküldő: Dan Fox 2003. augusztus 5.
336 194
1. To go alone

2. Without a partner at a social gathering
Savion is known for being a douchebag so he will be going stag to prom.
Beküldő: penguinsrock 2014. május 18.
7 2
Secretly They Are Gay ... The plural non possessive tense of saying SWAG (secretly we are gay)
*two guys in the corner bro hugging* ... Dude, they are so STAG
Beküldő: Philbert Michaels 2014. április 18.
4 8
Small Tits Above Gut. Pretty self explanitory, when a chick has small titties above a huge gut.
ME: Damn! Dwayne totally boned that chick with the mean S.T.A.G. goin on!

YOU: Wow that sucks, he must have been tired of beating off to that 80's porn he has.
Beküldő: El Roacho 2009. február 12.
8 14
Word in use in Dublin for bogarting a joint. Short for stagnant.
Pass that jinter would you Matt, you're a scabby bastard for hanging onto it for so fucking long.

Or just "stag."
Beküldő: SeanONe 2005. szeptember 15.
3 8