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Hybrid creature developed at Captian Cook Univesity Queensland Australia for the fast food industry eg KFC Red Rooster. Cross between squid octopus type marine creature and a chicken resulting in a 8-10 legged boneless animal that tastes like chicken
My KFC tastes a bit fishy.
Boy that squicken can run fast
Beküldő: hamish low 2008. február 27.
Half chicken, half squirrel creature that steals teeth from South Park
The squicken stole the tooth from under the pillow
Beküldő: fuzbre 2006. október 21.
a half chicken half squirrel that really stoned people laugh at
Beküldő: masterchief 2117 2011. január 15.
Squid stuffed with chicken.
My wife made squicken the other night, it was quite good.
Beküldő: Michael Webb 2004. január 23.