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1)A tool used to clean Windows
2)Used to describe a person, usually a young person, who is immaturely amusing
"You are Such a Squeegie Julia"
Beküldő: C.May 2004. június 26.
13 10
A very helpful tool used to clean dirty windows at gas stations, also very helpful to clean up throw up when someone pukes all over the outside of your car at 3 am.
Victoria drank so much last night that she threw up all over the car and we had to squeegie her puke off of the car at a gas station.
Beküldő: mackenzieeeeeee 2010. szeptember 4.
3 3
A cocksucker who thoroughly cleans the pipes and leaves no drippage
"Hey Squeegie, Gimme some head!"
Beküldő: docwolfstone 2008. szeptember 19.
4 8
A man that consistently prematurely ejaculates, and doesn't care to fix the problem.
"Ever have to sneeze with a mouthfull of Mashed Potatoes? Yeah, a squeegie is kinda like that."
Beküldő: Sesame Sticks 2006. május 8.
1 14
a squeegie is when you are doing a girl in the ass, and after you finish, you punch her in the back to tense her up... and when you pull your tool out, it is squeegied clean.
i was doing that dirty whore in the ass last night and decided i wanted a squeegie when i was done....
Beküldő: SlutBucket 2006. szeptember 25.
7 26