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the motion a dog or cat makes while dragging their ass across the floor (usually carpet) in an attempt to remove any dingleberries or residual poop
The dog squeedled in the living room and it smelled so bad I had to clean the carpet.
#dingleberry #squidle #butt drag #poop smear #poop
Beküldő: tinselmuffin 2011. október 7.
A long, slender, hairy tipped dildo made of llama neck.
Tommy enjoys his squeedle twice a day.
#llama #morristown #dildo #slender #hairy
Beküldő: paperclipmouse 2011. szeptember 29.
something that makes you nauseous.
Marti and Sabi get squeedle when they see people fart.
Beküldő: marti 2004. május 17.
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