1. to sit

2. to defecate, especially while crouching

3. nothing
It aint worth squat if you wreck it.
#crap #diddly shit #jack shit #poop #shit
Beküldő: Light Joker 2007. március 14.
To bend the knees in the most comfortable manner. to assume or maintain a position in which the body is supported on the feet (heels down) and the knees are bent so that the buttocks rest on or near the heels.

American Toilets make people squat with their heels up. After about 30 years, people can hardly perform the other way to squat.

To begin learning how to correctly squat, one must "hold on to something for dear life".
ME: "He squats to poop."
YOU: I tried that and just about fell on my back.
ME: "For about two weeks, he had to hold on to a chair in front of him. Squatting is difficult at first."
#squatter #poop #toilet #easy #defecate #sqat #sqwat #poo poo #stink stink
Beküldő: NotAC00L 2011. február 25.
1. To steal something.
2. To move in on someone else's territory or possessions.
3. To accept something for free under dubious circumstances.
Chuck lives to squat, man. If something's free, he's gonna show up, no matter what it is. Party with an open bar? You better stand back or he'll run you over...
#philistine #no-wallet section #freebie #nickel squeezer #gank
Beküldő: exitflagger 2008. április 30.
A short, broad person, though not a midget or dwarf. Squats have been described as resembling the way normal people look when reflected in car doors.
The squat strutted down the street leering at girls like he was God's gift to women, not realizing that they were all laughing at him.
Beküldő: D.B. Echo 2005. március 21.
incredibly british way to suggest eating a bitch out.
ello' puppet, fancy comin' over and takin a nice squat on ma' face?
#muff diving #twat #cunt #pussy #british
Beküldő: tolerableintolerance 2009. szeptember 17.
A move performed in many video games, such as Killzone 2
"Bro, how do you squat?"
#sit #skwat #lower your body #crouch #descend
Beküldő: TWEBSTAH 2010. április 13.
To dwell with the universe amidst its adversities. To find one's center. To dwell, in silence, with your best friend until stars, stream or stirring evoke conversation.
Informal: "Hey man, let's cop a squat"; or Formally: "Do you have time for a squat?"
#sit-down #zentence #zoning #fusion #wicked
Beküldő: mr juggly 2011. december 14.
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