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British slang for "well done", "perfect" or "right on,"

see also bang on
The food in England might not always be so good, but the brew in the pubs are spot on every time.
Beküldő: SG 2004. június 28.
Term used to describe something that is absolutely correct.
"Your rendition of that was absolutely spot on..."
Beküldő: MrRush 2004. június 28.
This phrase is used to confirm a statement as being absolutely correct and worthy.

It can also be used as a declaration of excellence.
"The price of that car is spot on!"

"I thought his analysis of the play was spot on"
Beküldő: Amy 2004. június 28.
British slang meaning "just right".
Your impersonation of ol' Tony with 'is nose stuck in Georgie's bum was spot on!
Beküldő: Panther Wyvern 2004. június 28.
Similar to on fleek.
You may be spot on.
#fleek #on #spot #good #job
Beküldő: PineappleJuice 2015. március 14.
A much overused word in 2012 used by media and in popular usage as well. Spot on Spot on Spot on. Me -- shut the hell up. Why not just say right on or your right or that's right anything but spot on. Its just used too much at the moment. A very overused catch phrase I would like to see phased out of the popular lexicon.
Person tv media utube video 'spot on'

Me ahhhh hold head in my hands and weep.
#popular #slang #overused #catch phrase #commercial
Beküldő: sylvianrues 2012. május 29.
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