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a papertowel roll stuffed with dryer sheets that you blow through when smoking pot so that your hits smell nice and free and your mom doesn't catch you.
"i have the weed, dyu have the spoofer?"
Beküldő: lauren 2003. augusztus 30.
A teller of tall tales that often happened to a friend of a friend and therefore cannot be substantiated.
Bod: One of Mungo's mates woke up in a bath full of ice cubes minus a liver and...
Graham: Ohh shut up Bod, if you can prove that happened you can give me a Len Brennan!!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 3.
A kidder, joker
Johnny is such a spoofer.
Beküldő: Tina 2004. március 17.
Simmilar to a hacker, but the things a spoofer does are completeley legal and don't harm anything in any way. Usually appear in online game lobbies on systems that run on seperate software, like
"That guy's name is in colors! He must be a spoofer!" - spoken on
Beküldő: Kennon 2005. június 5.
1. A male person of limited intelligence dumbass who simulates masturbation through actions or word of mouth.
Beküldő: trev_nz 2003. július 12.
A person addicted or uses quite frequently.
All spoofer's are stingy
Beküldő: Lemenog 2006. augusztus 10.
A slang reference to the already slang reference of fart.

(slang, vulgar) To make air come out of the anus.
"Oh man...who spoofered?"
"Don't spoofer in the car."
"If you spoofer one more time I'm going to kill your face."
"I love it when he spoofers. It's romantic."
"Your spoofers smell like sun baked dog crap."
"Your breath smells like my dad's spoofers."
Beküldő: Nelopee 2007. január 15.