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What your mother says you are when you're fucking ugly.
You're all special, boys and girls.
Beküldő: sukebe 2006. december 1.
14 14
special - ride the sunshine bus, make nosies like lalalalala.
laura your such a f**king special!
Beküldő: scabs 2003. április 23.
59 59
A masturbation option, offered at particual locations down dark alleys in Bali while supposedly having a "massage".
"You want a special only 100,000 Rupiah?"
"No thank you, I have enough diseases already"
Beküldő: JTTSG 2011. szeptember 17.
1 3
An adjective used to describe someone's skills as being cool, awesome, schweet, tite or even hecka tite.
Cdizzles special skills makes life more bearable for the world around him.
Beküldő: cdizzle 2005. március 3.
24 26
noun; cannabis-skunk soaked in 40% proof whiskey/vodka, etc, for a year, drunk in shot quantities with friends.
a)'That's not enough special?!'

b) 'Never mind the quantity, feel the spaceship'.
Beküldő: Hedley Clubnobber 2006. augusztus 26.
12 15
specials are tits big enough to effectively and comfortably be used for titty banging
you have some nice size titties...specials even!
Beküldő: Eric G.R. 2007. március 2.
9 13
1) when something means a lot to you.
2) a very thick person
3) a word often used to describe a retard
1) my bass is special to me.
2) no! 2 x 5 is not 12. what are you? fucking special?
3) have u seen the family who moved in next dorr? they got a 'special' son who can't walk propely
Beküldő: Mikal 2004. június 8.
16 21