something you can say to Anybody
Wassup son?

Shit Son!
Beküldő: AC 2003. december 2.
A term of sardonic endearment
Good Job on the foot up your own ass, son!
Beküldő: Eeners 2003. július 21.
the word you use when you are telling someone to "beat your ass"
when that brad guy from the real world alomst got in a fight

"come on son ...whatcha gonna do son...what son what!!"
Beküldő: bryn 2004. december 17.
6. A male offspring who is created by his parents in the idea to manipulate and use as a slave child. This idea broadens when the son reaches his late teenage years when he can get a job. Then the idea of handing over money is brought up every time the slavery is inconvenient for the son.
"I don't feel like cleaning up the house today. Let's have a son to do it for us."
Beküldő: KMacDonald 2005. december 11.
The male child of two people.
"she gave birth to my son."
Beküldő: Trina 2004. március 30.
the same thing as fuck.
can be said as "son" "sonning" "son-er"

its a way to curse without throwing the F-bomb
yo son yo fuck

She's sonning me She's fucking me


Beküldő: Uhmandaa22 2007. június 24.
Another name for an alcoholic beverage.
"Damn nigga, i'm fucked up! I've had about 15 sons tonight!"
Beküldő: G 2005. január 15.
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