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The act of an uncircumcised man stretching his foreskin over the penis-head of a circumcised man and then jacking the uncircumcised man off.
Dude, I had so much fun snoodling with you yesterday.

Wanna be my snoodle buddy?
Beküldő: Probe Joe 2004. szeptember 22.
The act of rubbing noses in a gesture of affection and love.
*goes to kiss.. nose! snoodles instead*
Beküldő: Cameron Joel Smith 2010. április 19.
refers to tobacco that you snort
Hey do you have any snoodles? My nose needs a tingle.
Beküldő: Trevor and Nate 2008. március 3.
A shortened version of snickerdoodles.
Let's bake the snoodles in the oven now.
Beküldő: comic-book-girl 2008. február 15.
Getting comfy and cozy during a snooze session;snuggling under mounds of blankets cheek to cheek in the winter; sharing warm fuzzy feelings
My kids are such snoodle bugs; they love curling up with me at the end of the night to read a book.

Getting cozy before going to sleep with another person.
Beküldő: snoodlebug 2012. április 9.
cross bewteen a poodle and a schnazer
the snoodle puupies came out looking like their father who was a schnauzer, even though the mother was a poodle.
Beküldő: von struedelburg 2013. szeptember 24.
Lets get some snoodles tonight?
Beküldő: spicoli4420 2009. február 15.