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You should know
Young jack thriller - " you already sno dat,what does that mean?"

Hollow da don - "It's like, you know, you should know dat, but saying it fast like 'you should know dat'. U sno dat"
Beküldő: Twitter.com/oxsmoothxo 2011. szeptember 22.
36 5
A person that is sneezing whilst he/she is having a snuff in his lip.
That person just snösed!
Beküldő: Barre Jarre 2012. szeptember 14.
18 0
interchangable with the word know.
I had to go on google translator to sno how to use big words.
Beküldő: kattana12 2011. január 29.
6 2
Saturday Night Out - You get to party every saturday and do what ever you want...
Hey, it's my day off today, let's have our SNO
Beküldő: GODofAllNations 2010. december 5.
9 7
Sno is the Emerald Toaster himself the first person to post on TO(Toaster Oven) a very popular message board on Gamefaqs.com
Sno I want to be like you
Beküldő: Why U Ban Me(Squadbwoi45) 2004. augusztus 20.
11 9
Everyone around this 1337 kewl guy gets funnier by the day, he is also the first person to post on the legendary Toaster Oven board.
Omg! Sno is so kewl!!!!!one!!!Shift+one!!!
Beküldő: Slip (Slippo Da Hippo) 2004. április 11.
11 9
Any snowfall that is pathetically small and only gives a token representation of snow. Can also refer to snowfall that while heavy, does not stick due to temperatures and/or surfaces being above freezing point.

Pronounced sn-oh or sni
White Christmas? The bookies will pay but call a couple of flakes snow? Sno more like!
Beküldő: mids28 2009. december 17.
4 4