when you cover a mans nuts in chocolate, caramel, and nougat and then proceed to suck them.
man my girl gave me the most amazing snickers last night, she licked me clean, it was so kinky!
Beküldő: GINA BITCH! 2008. szeptember 4.
Another name for weed
Hey, you got any more snickers left after last night??
Beküldő: Tommy Cease 2006. október 9.
A generalized term used to refer to marijuana.

developed in military high schools in the united states by tokers
Dude, you got any snickers???
Beküldő: anonymous 2005. április 9.
a black guys dick
that hoe wants to taste his snicker
Beküldő: Neal 2003. május 28.
an analogy for a white guy having sex with a black girl
"its like nuts in the chocolate"
Beküldő: Jordan Robinson 2005. szeptember 28.
A dirty cock after pulling out of a dirty ass.

Derived from the visual of a melted "Snickers" bar.
when your boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't cleaned the pipes before a backdoor intrusion you often pull out a snickers.
Beküldő: Jamesknapper 2005. szeptember 14.
Street slang for an African American penis.
"Snickers is street for nigga dick.", "You let snickers melt in your mouth."
Beküldő: Apollo Johnson 2007. május 13.
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