Another name for weed
Hey, you got any more snickers left after last night??
Beküldő: Tommy Cease 2006. október 9.
A generalized term used to refer to marijuana.

developed in military high schools in the united states by tokers
Dude, you got any snickers???
Beküldő: anonymous 2005. április 9.
a black guys dick
that hoe wants to taste his snicker
Beküldő: Neal 2003. május 28.
an analogy for a white guy having sex with a black girl
"its like nuts in the chocolate"
Beküldő: Jordan Robinson 2005. szeptember 28.
Street slang for an African American penis.
"Snickers is street for nigga dick.", "You let snickers melt in your mouth."
Beküldő: Apollo Johnson 2007. május 13.
A dirty cock after pulling out of a dirty ass.

Derived from the visual of a melted "Snickers" bar.
when your boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't cleaned the pipes before a backdoor intrusion you often pull out a snickers.
Beküldő: Jamesknapper 2005. szeptember 14.
a nick name used by the nigga in LRMS
yo snickers where my paper
Beküldő: snickerz 2005. február 15.

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