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great or excellent
That's a smurfy idea!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 27.
used to describe something really cool :)
Rupert: Im made up this amazing rap
Phillipa: That's so smurfy!
Beküldő: BarbieDollTilly 2010. március 4.
The feeling of being extremely horny; can also be used to call someone a slut. There is a town full of guys and only one Smurfette... you do the math. Either Smurfette gets around, or everyone is really frustrated.
I'm really smurfy right now, my girlfriend has been gone for a week. Man, Rachel's really smurfy... she's slept with every guy here.
Beküldő: Stephanie Hohn 2008. január 4.
Adj.- Anything great or wonderful in the world, the most versitile adjective in the english language, usually followed by and Exclimation point (!)
I Fucked the hell out of that smurfy hoe!
Her tities sure are smurfy!
My pimpin' skills are smurfy!
Beküldő: Cojack 2003. december 14.