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a) To be heavily intoxicated, to the point where behaviour is erratic and the ability to walk straight is no more.

b) broken through
a) "A lot of people up here are getting really fucking smashed. I've seen like four people carried out in front of me and the show just fuckin' started" - Axl Rose

b) smashed window
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. április 21.
Had sex with, used in past tense.
Guy1: Did you see the Colts game?
Guy2: Nah I smashed your gf during it.
Guy1: ......
Beküldő: Most Hated 2009. szeptember 28.
A rather endearing term a male uses to tell a woman what he's going to do to her sexually. Usually rough sex.
'Guuurrrrl, your gona get seriously smashed tonight, let me tell you'
'I love it when you talk like that.'

'Am gona give your ass a good smashin, bitch'
Beküldő: Jungle_Juice 2008. augusztus 22.
To be FUCKED off your head royally, after ripping down copious amounts of cones.
Man i was smashed stupid last night, i couldn't fuckin see straight!
Beküldő: JuzzyDee 2003. október 28.
to be drunk
Dude, my mom was totally smashed last night.
Beküldő: steph 2004. március 25.
to get piss drunk, often involving stumbling and incoherent speech
the other night we all got smashed at Tiffany's birthday party!
Beküldő: PARTY 2002. október 20.
to have intercourse with another human being
Dude, I totally smashed Kait last night.
Beküldő: Gustavo Minion 2010. július 28.