1. What you say when an attractive girl walks past.... preferably just within her earshot!!
2. Another way of saying "Yes", "Hell Yeah", etc!
*Fit bird walks past*

It's Friday, It's sunny, I've finished work early and I'm now going to the pub! Smash!!
Beküldő: social-misfit 2010. április 23.
to take a huge ass shit
"Dude don't go in there, I just smashed hella hard.
Beküldő: 16431643 2009. január 13.
1-to hit somebody off w/ money....

2-to charge a credit card ...
1-i'm gonna smash you later..or i'll smash you off later later

2-i smashed that guy's credit card for $2500 or they smashed my credit card for $3000

Beküldő: ny papi 2008. december 23.
to defeat or beat somebody physically or mentally.
"Nigga i smashed dat bitch made nigga"

"hey yo, we battled and all, but i smashed his bitch ass"
Beküldő: Serious king of NY 2008. június 16.
To take a really large and usually messy poop
I have to go take a smash.
Beküldő: kgw 2007. november 9.
Another term for taking a shit.
Omg! I have to take a huge smash!
Beküldő: Lawnn. 2007. augusztus 14.
a stinky poop, which smell may linger
Yo, let me get in the bathroom before you smash it up.
Beküldő: pissbottle 2007. február 3.

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