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music you can bop your head to; good bass.
Damn cuddie, that new Mac Dre is slap!
Beküldő: Ric Dank 2003. december 23.
30 44
The act of loading a program off of a disk device and into memory very quickly.
He slapped the program once he received it.
Beküldő: Larstait 2003. november 6.
25 39
commonly reffered to as 'smoke' usually weed
used everywhere and anywhere to diguise the word smoke

yo gm motors, you up to slap?
- yeah KAlifornia bitch, i'd love to slap!
i'm talking about don , you know ?
_ yeah boi! i know!
Beküldő: greg "slap the donald"masina 2007. augusztus 14.
4 19
A song with a lot of bass or just has a dope beat.
A yo that Gigolo Remix SLAPS!!
Beküldő: J-Boy 2004. január 24.
4 19
that act of smacking something with the palm of the hand
I slapped her ass because it was nice looking.
Beküldő: Zac 2003. február 10.
13 28
Stickers containg grafitti or any personal kind of tag.
Yo man check out thaose slaps on the dumpster!
Beküldő: g000oo00gle bob 2007. február 5.
44 60
To randomly dismiss or "put down" something or someone disliked personally.

Slap for that guy wearing that hat.
Beküldő: HybridFlare 2005. június 20.
2 18