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acronym meaning "sounds like a plan", i.e. when making plans with friends and coming to an agreeable conclusion.
Friend 1 "let's meet up at my place and head to the party from there, cool?"
Friends 2 "ok, s.l.a.p.! see you there"
Beküldő: ElPGnarly 2009. március 8.
7 1
Acronym: Sounds Like A Plan
Jack: Hey Jill do you want to go up that hill to fetch a pale of water?

Jill: SLAP!
Beküldő: r3dr0ck3t 2011. augusztus 12.
4 0
Slap or SLAP is an acronym for sounds like a plan. This is a way of expressing one's desire and confirmation to doing something. This acronym is incredibly useful as it can also be expressed simply by slaping someone five!
Maeve: Hey Daniel can you please keep me amused with your bad but hilarious jokes for the rest of my life?
Daniel: SLAP!
Beküldő: dawesomedaniel 2011. április 5.
11 7
An expression of excitement when the hand is not available. A High-five to the face.

"I did not slap you, I simply high-fived your face"
Beküldő: Auja11 2009. január 16.
22 19
Sumthin Like A Pimp. Originated by tha 730's.
I chuck it to a bitch. S.L.A.P.
Beküldő: UselessHarry 2005. október 17.
15 12
stands for Sounds Like A Plan.
Person 1: "let's go to the park."

Person 2: "SLAP"
Beküldő: Playlist 2012. február 2.
2 0
Sounds Like A Plan
SK: You wanna do hookah this weekend ?
Me: Sure, you wanna invite *** and *** too ?
SK: yeah, I'll let them know ... meet at 8 ?

Me: SLAP !
Beküldő: SLAP-PER ! 2011. június 9.
4 3