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1. stupid or moronic person
2. see slap dick
3. slacker
Hey slappy, what have you been not doing all afternoon at work?
Beküldő: Bud E Love 2003. május 7.
The act of hauling ass on your skateboard and slapping it into a curb at an angle that gets you on top of it and grinding. There are many variations but a true slappy involves speed and grinding...John Lucero, Ricky Winsor, Natas Kaupas and many others are known slappy legends.
Dude..go grab a twelve pack and we'll do slappys on that red curb.
#skateboarding #slappy #slappy grind #red curbs #slappy sunday
Beküldő: Monty Grind 2012. június 13.
pure tobacco hit from a bong.
I got such a bad headbuzz from that slappy
#slappy #tobacco #bong #smoke #lungs
Beküldő: anom3456 2008. május 13.
Adj - Quality of making a satisfying slap sound when struck with a palm.
*slaps* "Ooooo, that ass is slappy."
#slapy #slappie #slappable #spanky #smacky
Beküldő: KamiBee 2010. augusztus 1.
Adj. The description for the female version of being "Pussy Whipped" as taken from the expression "Turkey Slapped".
Have you seen Emily lately?
Nah, she's way to Slappy on Mike to come out anymore.
#turkey slap #pussy whipped #whipped #enamored #infatuated
Beküldő: ThomasHawksley 2012. január 17.
A conjunction of the words 'Slap' and 'Happy'. Normally used together, meaning uncontrollably hyper, and having random outbursts of laughter. You normally pee yourself when your in this mood, and it occurs a lot before you retire to your bed. Meaning, if you get 'slappy', you will crash in approximately 10 minutes.
Homie #1: *laugh laugh laugh. laugh laugh laugh laugh luagh. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.* HEY! Did you see that squirrel? Wow, that guy is wearing pink pajamas... Do you do The Twist with your heel or toe? I wonder what really is at the end of a rainbow...

Homie #2: Wow homie, your slappy as all get out.
#slap #happy #hyper #crazy #laughing #laugh #tired #crash
Beküldő: F I N N ! (: 2011. április 23.
New shoes or shoes that are loosly fit to make a slapping noise as you walk.
learn how to walk" "bro, these are my slappies
#shoes #clothing #gangster #bro #rawness
Beküldő: joeisrawasfugg 2010. október 1.
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