A stupid and/or obnoxious person who talks loud in public. Usually, a slap has a bad haircut.
John's Bar was a lot of fun, until all those slaps started coming.
Beküldő: Brew Boy 4 Life 2004. március 11.
to have sex
After Eric left the club he was ready to slap
Beküldő: Simone 2003. november 1.
Make up, especially when applied very thickly (because it's slapped on). See also "Slapper"
It took her half an hour to put her slap on.
Beküldő: IanM 2003. szeptember 14.
A way of keeping your seat safe when you get up without anyone taking it. Sort of like fives, but for as long as you want. When you get up yell out slaps and slap your seat,
Beküldő: zuzu444 2011. augusztus 23.
that act of smacking something with the palm of the hand
I slapped her ass because it was nice looking.
Beküldő: Zac 2003. február 10.
music you can bop your head to; good bass.
Damn cuddie, that new Mac Dre is slap!
Beküldő: Ric Dank 2003. december 23.
The act of loading a program off of a disk device and into memory very quickly.
He slapped the program once he received it.
Beküldő: Larstait 2003. november 6.

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