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slap it: put it on yo nation, yo mama, god, etc.
Lord: "i jus got sum pussy from yo girl yesterday folks".
Folks: "SLAP IT!!!"
Lord: "on tha Fin on Vice Lord my nigga".
Beküldő: thatniggafrom85th 2008. május 15.
tell me that you are serious by stating a gang or saying " on my momma " after you said something i hardly believe you are telling the truth about.
jhon: bruh, i fucked her and her bestfriend
dave: slap it ?
jhon: on my momma , gdn!
Beküldő: thatonechickday 2014. március 29.
Male masturbation.
"You're just gonna have to slap it tonight, honey."
Beküldő: Dr. Shatner 2004. június 6.