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The name given to punk "drainpipe" jeans when they came into fashion recently. Also called ciggarette pants. They are made of a stretchy material and get slimmer near the ankles. Usually worn by girls but indie/emo/scene/skater/punk boys also wear them. It should be noted that skinny jeans for boys are looser around the crotch so wearing doesn't make you sterile, as alot of ignorant emo haters claim.
I just bought some skinny jeans.
Beküldő: [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] 2007. augusztus 12.
a largely popular style of jeans worn mostly by the junior high, high school, and college age groups. they fit snugly around the waist and are tight around the thighs and calves, tapering down to the ankle. for guys they are a little looser in the crotch area. they were originally worn only by emos, skaters, punks, etc, but now 99% of the population owns at least one pair. however, they really only look good on about 3% of the population. short people, for instance, generally look even shorter when wearing skinny jeans. if you are tall and want to look shorter, wearing skinny jeans will not usually work. they're kind of complicated in that way.
short person: I wish I could wear skinny jeans, but they make me look even shorter than I already am!

tall friend: really?? maybe I should try them! I hate being so tall!

short person: no, the don't work like that.

tall friend: aww, man. that sucks.
Beküldő: DancingDrea 2010. február 15.
Skinny jeans are not only for scene, emo, and punk people.

Nowadays almost everyone owns a pair of skinny jeans!

Skinny jeans became hugely popular last year, and is mostly popular through the 6-12th grade range.

Adults don't typically wear them.

You can buy them in hundreds of different patterns from tons of different stores; from Hollister to Hot Topic.
Emo Kid: OMG Look at that prep wearing skinny jeans! Ugh, those wannabes!
Kid #2: Dude, anyone can wear skinny jeans. Don't be a hater!
Beküldő: w0000tz i like pie 2009. június 1.
Incredibly tight jeans which 98% of the gen Y population can admit to having worn at some stage of their lives. Look good on most people, unless you decide to play twister. This is not advised, for having a person’s ass in your face is unpleasant enough, but the situation is made doubly revolting if said person has a muffin top.
Chloe: Hey, I think I might actually win this game of twister, as Mark's skinny jeans appear to be rather inhibiting!
Spinny-Board-Person: Left foot green
Chloe: OH GOD! AHHH GET IT AWAY! *dies.
Beküldő: Chloe1234 2010. augusztus 7.
Leg sufocators. Makes you look thin but they hurt... alot.
Girl 1: Omg girl you look so thin in those skinny jeans
Girl 2: I cant feel my legs.
Beküldő: k&j swizzle 2013. május 26.
Jeans worn for the purpose of annihalating a man's testis.
Billy: Oof, these jeans are squeezing mah bawls so tight.
Joe:Cuz ur wearing skinny jeans you nimrod!!
Beküldő: Rhymenocerous 50 2009. február 26.
The tight as fuck fag pants that little swag loving butt fuckers wear errywhere. They look gay as fuck. They feel gay as fuck. They are gay as fuck. They crush ur nuts and make u look like a little bitch. If you are a real man, you will say fuck those gay, tight, nut crushing pants and wear ur clothes baggy and walk with a gangsta limp.
SWAG Fag: Man! My skinny jeans make me look so fuckin G!

Person 2: eh fam, u aint G, u prolly dunno what G even means. All im seein is a lil bitch nigga haha, eh cuz?

Person 3: Y'all redy fuckin kno eh! U aint no wicked nigga, we is, we wont be caught dead in skinny jeans, and we still walk around with a gangsta limp! Hahaha
Beküldő: SketchXgangXFTB 2014. május 26.