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Proficiency at a given activity - e.g. womanizing, a sport, or a video game. Disclaimer: said skillz may or may not pay the billz.
Yo Dawg! You got some mad skillz up in this beeyotch!
Beküldő: The Texas Hammer 2004. július 6.
1. describing someone's above average proficency at a given activity

2. in l337, the "z" implies something not quite legit, so the activity described may be illegal or against the rules.
1. Michael is the best basketball player in town. He has mad skillz.

2. Tina hacked into the school's computer system to change her grades using her hacking skillz.
Beküldő: Lipstick 2004. november 1.
slang for "skills", a set of competencies that enable one to be well versed and very proficient at accomplishing a goal
Beastie Boys lyric: I got the skillz to pay the bills
Beküldő: grkdaisy 2003. február 9.
noun - a word meaning the same as the proper English "skills", but used to imply a higher level of said skills.

note: When using the word "skills" after the word "sweet", the final "s" is automatically changed to a "z". See example below.
"Wow, that guy's got serious skillz in pwning n00bs."

"I've been working on developing sweet computer hacking skillz all weekend. I will soon become teh super 1337 haX0rz!!1eleven!!"
#skills #skillz #napoleon dynamite #sweet skillz #proficiency
Beküldő: teh super 1337 haXOrz omfg 2006. április 24.
What your friend says after performing a task that requires no skill at all.
"What the hell was that?"
#skill #skills #skillzilla #$ki11z #skiller
Beküldő: Shamona2U 2009. március 13.
Someone who is extremely good at doing a particular thing and always does it and lieks to show it off
Boys like will have skillz cuz he can always comment first

Pro Skaters Have Skillz

I have skillz
#skillz #skills #skillage #awesomeness #cool
Beküldő: Skillzboy 102 2009. április 15.
Having what it takes to get the task done.
Gotta say it man, you've got skillz!
#hommie #friend #task #collaberate #iniciative #resolve #props
Beküldő: Ewlf@M1sid3n3ww0m@n:) 2009. december 31.
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