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taking a shit in someones mouth and having them eat it
I love getting a big load of skat in my mouth its so good.
Beküldő: skat eater 2003. szeptember 20.
The past-tense form of the word skit.
Last night, I skat all over her face.
Beküldő: Caitlin Perry 2006. november 2.
to run really fast, its usually associated with Track runners at Black Schools
T.J.- wow is that girl from Satellite skats?
Vanessa- what?
T.J.- ya know, is she fast?
Vanessa- Oh! fo sho, LaShawn is definetely skats.
Beküldő: Vanessa M! 2008. április 4.

A Boat

German card game

Bulgarian TV Channel

Skat River - River in Bulgaria

Danish Tax Office


Someone who recieves sexual gratification from faeces

Danish:- literally "treasure" (or "tax"), but a common term of endearment similar to "honey" or "my pet".
'G'morgen skat' 'Jeg elsker dig, skat'
Beküldő: Liasha 2008. november 12.
The act of leaving immediately after an unexpected cue. Used in the form of "hit the skats" or "skats will be hit". Another word for bounce.
"Davaris ran up on David at the mall, so David hit the skats and got out of there."
Beküldő: jay22max 2008. augusztus 7.
Taking a steamy shit on someone chest, or in their mouth for pleasure. And if the moment calls for it, making them eat it.
Not into super extreme life styles/bedroom styles(skat, fisting, public demonstrations, expiditions, water sports)
Beküldő: Rettags 2007. január 25.
a person who is neither skinny nor fat
Damn that girl is Skat!
Beküldő: AZT3C PANCHO 2009. február 16.