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Term also applies to breasts with larger/longer nipples. The idea is that hanging sinker weights over long periods of time will stretch them and make them longer and possibly more sensitive.
"WTF? Sona I didn't know you had sinkers!?"
#sinkers #nipples #floaters #nipplesagger #erect
Beküldő: zephanz 2013. november 21.
When one testicle hangs lower than the other. It is most easily seen when coming out of the shower. Usually accompanied by a bush.
Person 1: Look at that dudes fucked up ballsack
Person 2: No dude, it's just his sinker, it's hard to see because of the bush
#sack #dick #balls #testicle #jew #milton
Beküldő: maltedmiltballs 2010. június 25.
A piece of fecal matter that is more dense than water, and thereby sinks to the bottom of the toilet. The opposite of floater.
Last time I took a crap, they were all sinkers.
Beküldő: Stan B. 2003. január 16.
A non-swimmer. Usually a negro that did not grow up in a neighborhood with three car garages or was in the military and forced to learn how to swim.
Damn Bubba them sinkers sure are brave going into the water knee deep without any lifeguards around.
#nigger #spook #coon #jungle bunny #negro
Beküldő: BigDaveP 2012. május 22.
The bane of musicians all over the world: a music stand that sinks by itself, caused by stripped threading inside the bore of the stand.
John, get yourself another music stand. This one's a sinker. The conductor'll keep on badmouthing you 'cause you'll wind up staring down at the music and not at him!
#clinker #clam #blowing clouds #flarp #reed #squeaker #katzenjammer orchestra
Beküldő: pentozali 2013. szeptember 26.
Someone who plays in an online poker tournament and repeatedly folds untill he/she is in the top two.
Dude a Sinker was in this online poker tournament I was in, bummer he had only 100 chips aganist my 12,000.
#sinker #tournament #poker #onlinepoker #folds
Beküldő: TurnOnLamp 2010. július 28.
The hangover that occurs later the next day. Usually, the effects of the alcohol don't leave until late morning, leaving the afternoon to feel sick.
I went out last night and drank so much that I woke up still a little drunk but I'll be experiencing a sinker later today.
#hangover #afternoon #day after #drunk #booze #beer
Beküldő: Ichabod25 2009. október 26.
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