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what you tell people to do when they are being annoying
Jackie SHUT, you are so annoying.
Beküldő: yourmom2934756324890 2006. július 7.
what you should do to the big gaping hole in your face. aka your mouth.
K shut, I wasn't asking.
Beküldő: SHUTMUCH 2006. július 10.
Imagine Dope but better
Dude you are so shut!
Beküldő: Mrianlz 2015. július 17.
Shut is the ultimate word to annoy somebody. If you really want to piss somebody off, you will use "Shut".
Boy: Mom, guess what?
Mom: What?
Boy: Shuttttttttttttttt.
Beküldő: PepsiMan 2012. július 24.
Assumed to roughly be the same as telling someone to shut up although this has not been confirmed. Further observation of organism designations 'the he' and 'the she' will be required to verify there are no alternative meanings.
Me: "lol you guys are lame."

The He: "shuts..."
Beküldő: Aaron Weiss 2007. november 9.
The huts at Interlochen Arts Camp intended to be used for practicing various instruments, which are instead used for the exchange of sexual favors.
Oh my god, did you hear about Jamie? She totally got it on with that day camper in an s-hut yesterday.
Beküldő: intybitch 2011. szeptember 4.
what you need to do to your face.
Beküldő: negro 2003. június 17.

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