Your gag. From the yiddish.
Did you see his shtick? What chutzpah!
Beküldő: BIG DADDY 2004. január 26.
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A bit from a comedy or other showbiz routine; by extension, any person's idiosyncratic performance. From Yiddish "shtick" = Ger. "stuck", meaning "piece."
I asked him for me $20 back, and he went into his usual shtick -- something about losing at pinochle.
Beküldő: octopod 2004. január 23.
ACT - i.e. some type of goofy act.
stop with your SHTICK. It's driving me crazy.
Beküldő: Vladimir 2004. január 24.
Something that we do that attracts people and gets us remembered.
When live models advertised lingerie in the windows of a lingerie shop in Augusta, Maine, it was considered a shtick.
Beküldő: Gluee 2005. november 29.
another word for a skit or a funny, short play.
at the talent show someone did a really funny shtick.
Beküldő: jess 2004. augusztus 14.
the sound that happens when u rip a jonny off your wang
Dude! Take the paiiin!
Beküldő: buttsauce Mcgee 2004. január 29.
Indian slang for a really skinny person.
"That kid's a shtick."
Beküldő: BakedGoods 2003. február 10.

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