Something that is cool or awesome. Some legit shit.
"Hey dude I just nailed this really hot girl"
Beküldő: cbobrob 2010. március 15.
water pouring down in order to bathe yourself
"I'm so dirty I'm going to take a shower."
Beküldő: nicole 2003. augusztus 7.
Where people go to get clean.
Dawn soap is usually needed.
Orr of a boat to keep afloat.
had fun in.
sex,in a shower
with soap, water.
a nice place.

read first letter of each sentence.
What a nice shower!
can i try it?
Beküldő: 1234fu! 2011. április 12.
when a man ejaculates in a womans hand and then procedes to urinate on the woman and the woman rubs the semen into their hair and use it as shampoo, then wash it away with the mans urine.
nate gave bubba a warm shower.
Beküldő: Cory Jensen 2007. január 15.
Something you have in your house now go find it
I need a shower
Beküldő: Mlg meme star 2016. augusztus 4.
the place where you cant tell the difference between tears and water.
oh i was just in the the shower. ive emptied my tear ducts
Beküldő: SOME DUDE U WONT SEE 2016. szeptember 18.
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