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short -person whoose getting out of the military soon.
I got only 1 day man can't get shorter then that.
Beküldő: jake smith 2004. május 25.
28 25
Someone under the 25th percentile for stature for their age, sex, and country.
(5'7" and under for men and 5'2" and under for women in the US)
Beküldő: Silvio 2003. július 26.
489 158
what i am.
i am 4' 8". i am short
Beküldő: Erin 2003. május 26.
404 205
The small coffee size at Starbuck's; the only size on the menu there that makes any sense (et al Tall, Grande, Vente).
"Short" is the smallest size Starbuck's offers, but you'll only get this if you ask for it by name. If you do order a "small" the barista will likely give you a "Tall" because anyone asking for a "small" will get the "Tall", which is the smallest size for which the prices are actually on the menu. Also only their hot drinks can be served in the "Short" size. Sound confsing? Yeah, I hate Starbuck's too!
Beküldő: Tenacious Faulker 2009. május 18.
177 58
1.) noun, A cigarrette, having been previously smoked, but not completely, suggesting the later use and finish of said cigarette.
Yo man, You got a short? I haven't had a cigarette all day and I ain't got any cash to buy a pack.
Beküldő: MHSer06 2004. április 19.
174 59
Military and prison adjective for describing someone nearing the end of their tour of duty, enlistment or incarceration. A short-timer is someone who has less then 90 days to serve. A Korean War veteran told me these terms were in wide use in the late 1940s; they have been in continuous wide use in the military since then.
Sargeant: "Get you head out of your ass -- make something of yourself soldier."
Private (to self): "I'm short . . . I don't give a fuck."
Beküldő: Bill Peters 2006. augusztus 21.
129 59
Comfy and easy to wear.
I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear!
Beküldő: Youngster^ 2010. június 24.
104 38
outta luck
look if you ain't got the money you're just short
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. július 17.
117 60