to have anal sex
I heard Lorena finally let Andrew shoot the moon

Damn what a lucky guy
Beküldő: The Moon Prof. 2009. december 5.
To have sex with in the butt, anal sex
I want to shoot the moon with that sexy girl
Beküldő: Brown behr 2009. július 31.
To insert an Ecstasy Tablet in your anus via turkey baster..gets you ten times more fucked up:)
"Dude Rudy looks fucked up!"

"I know!I told him to Shoot the Moon and he did it!!"


"I know,i need a new turkey baster:("
Beküldő: E_Guy 2010. március 23.
masturbate to ejaculation
Did you shoot the moon last night?
Beküldő: MikeFromArizona 2009. október 7.
When your paranoid ass thinks Five-Oh got your crib under heavy Surveillance, usually signified by some shady Danza type work-van parked outside on the street for too long.

For example: Yo, Eric, looks like we got Shoot the Moon peepin’ the joint, hide the Merch….
Like that part in UP In Smoke when the pig cop yells "Shoot The Moon" out of the fly of the spy laundry vehicle.
Beküldő: Jimmy Dissenti 2007. szeptember 5.
to throw up from consuming to much alcohol
"man i drank to much pabst i feel like i need to shoot the moon!"
Beküldő: btacrew 2007. január 12.
when a prostitue agrees to lick your ass out
Monkey Boy shot my moon last night like you wouldn't believe!
Beküldő: chipdurango 2005. január 30.

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