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The Amish word for shit. See also shnitzelmacher
Oh shnitzel! I forgot to shave my muttonchops.
Beküldő: snlgirl 2005. június 11.
a person or group of people ....or another way to say WHAT THE HELL!!!
or when you're riding a bike and someones on your pegs it helps relieve stress
wat r those shnitzels up to?
oohooh shnitzel!
Beküldő: opperplusblang 2010. július 3.
Temporarily used to cover the "s" word.
Teacher: "Class we have a Pop Quiz today".
Student: " Holy Sh.. Shnitzels"
Beküldő: In your closet 2011. február 8.
Another word for "SHIT."
But Stolen From Restaurant Wienerschnitzel.
Beküldő: AnonymousLALA 2009. május 12.
1. when spelled like SCHNITZEL, it is a german sausage.
2. when spelled SHNITZEL, it is a Czech republican dish
3. The internet avatar name of teh 1337est mofo around. awww j'yeh..
dude did she just eat your schnitzel?
dude, did you just eat her shnitzel?
dude, did you just get owned by shnitzel?
Beküldő: Shnitzel 2003. május 4.
From the German word meaning "nizzle"
Rainer is my schnitzel!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. május 21.
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