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the state of being so fucking ugly, no one looks at you and you break your bathroom mirror every time you look into it
Johnathan's mirror broke while brushing his hair because he is a shit face
Beküldő: Gobama! 2008. december 30.
The act of being so incredibly drunk that you would probably run up and down the streets naked and have no fucking clue what happened the night before when you woke up the next morning.
Holy shit bro, I've never gotten so shitfaced before in my life.
Beküldő: Mike Hansen 2004. június 20.
One whom has consumed enough alchohol to bypass boligerent status
I can't believe how fucking shitfaced I am!
Beküldő: Brian Bivens 2003. január 11.
Man, i'm so shitfaced right now i just drank 14 beers.
Beküldő: beerman 2003. június 4.
A name for some people who resemble shit.
Mom: "Did you have a good time at shitface's house, Jimmy Jr.?"
Son: "Fuck yes mother!"
Beküldő: Chigga whit sungrasses 2003. június 25.
One who is extremely repulsive. This insult may also be used in completely irrelevant situations as well, which do not conform to its formal definition.
See you in hell shitface!
Keith, you shitface!
Beküldő: Tom Main 2003. február 7.
Someones face who you can't bare to look at. Reminding you of shit.
"Have seen Miley Cyrus' new music video?"
"Please, like I spend my time watching shitfaces like that."
Beküldő: agentmob007 2009. november 4.
Shitface is the look somebody gives after taking a shot of liquor. If somebody is shitfaced he/she has drank too much and their face shows it.
"Haha, you missed the shitface on that prick while you were in the bathroom!" or "im going to be sporting my shitface tonight"
Beküldő: Shitfourbrains 2007. február 19.