A Lousy, or low place; toilet
**After Running out of things to talk about:**

Damm John, you really let this conversation go down the shit hole.
Beküldő: CJofATX 2009. június 15.
Top Definition
Lawrence Kansas is a college town, home to the University of Kansas swallowcocks where a large amount of douche bags reside. It's also known throughout the US as a shit-hole.
I would never live in Lawrence KS, it's a total shit-hole.
Beküldő: musicboss 2011. november 30.
A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.
You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it.
Beküldő: Jon K 2004. január 1.
A horrible city in which to live, work or party.
Detroit is a shit hole.
Beküldő: MeatyDago 2007. június 20.

(see New Jersey)
New Jersey is a real shithole!
Beküldő: Foznots 2009. november 1.
derogatory term used to describe a filthy dwelling
that macintyres place in dunoon is a fucking shithole
Beküldő: archie mccracken 2003. augusztus 3.
(n.) A really, really crappy place to live. No pun intended. Well, maybe sorta.
"I hate living in this shithole!" "Oh, you're from the United States of America too?"
Beküldő: Razukin 2002. december 1.
When a place smells bad like wet socks, body odor and unfresh cum from both sexes. Or when you're in a doped out place.
That room's a shithole man.
It's a shithole mah place.

This place is a shithole doo!
Beküldő: Bengel 2003. december 24.

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