Super High Intensity Training, I read about this in a chain mail waaaaaaay back in '97.
1.I give my friends a lot of s.h.i.t. to help them prepare for the realities of the real world.
2. Boot Camp is full of s.h.i.t.
Beküldő: S.H.I.T. Eater 2004. december 28.
An acronym for a phrase used to describe a very ugly woman or very pretty man. Used to define when you cant tell the sex of the person being described.

She He IT. = S.H.I.T.

Can also be used to describe your face.
Awww shit. (said in a dissapointed tone)
Beküldő: Jestin Sane (Ima rapper) 2003. november 18.
So Happy It's Thursday
Used in the same manner as "Thank God It's Friday"
Beküldő: J. Crispino 2003. november 7.

Acronym for Super Hydraulic Instant Transporter
Apparently no SHIT's have been made yet with today's technology
Beküldő: Roy Fenton 2006. október 11.
Super High Intensity Training
Mother:"Where you going son"

Son:"Fer some S.H.I.T."
Beküldő: the_surf 2006. január 15.
Slang term for the black people.
look at that disgusting shit nigger.
Beküldő: sfafghdhea 2006. január 10.
any kind of item that has no value!
You got more shit than waste managment!!
Beküldő: Wade Mc 2006. október 13.

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