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an expression used when something surprises you, or something bad happens to you.
oh shit nipples, the dryer just scared the fuck out of me.
Beküldő: xtheusedx3x 2008. május 25.
18 6
(n.) a woman's asshole
"Dude, I totally fucked that girl in her shit nipple all night!"
Beküldő: Hirohito Okinawa 2008. május 2.
10 2
To stick your nipple in the ass of a male partner in order to cause arousal.
1.She gave me the shit nipples and I almost shot it in her eye.
2.I nearly sucked her shitnipples until i remembered where they had been.
Beküldő: Summer Jarrell 2006. november 2.
10 4
General insult; usually meaning the person is both weak and a jerk, but is also used to express angry dislike of a person or their actions.
"After all that talk about how he was such a better worker than us, John didn't get a raise. What a shit nipple."

"Use your damn turn signal, you shit nipple!"
Beküldő: Doctor Pew 2013. május 17.
1 0