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To be good, in a state of being good, to be having a good time.
(See Firefly)
How are you today?
Beküldő: William Mith 2005. április 1.
Something that is great, neat, very cool, peachy keen. From the short lived Joss Whedon television series "Firefly."
"Have a shiny day."
Beküldő: Lynanne 2006. január 1.
(interjection) cool, nifty, awesome, pretty, amazing, wonderful, great, remarkable... etc.
"Hey, what do you think of my new car?"
Beküldő: PkledGrape 2003. március 30.
Anything good.
"What is that book like?"
"How about lunch?"
Beküldő: Two Morons in Oriliia 2003. június 18.
This is used to describe something that's very cool
(After seeing Spiderman 2) "That movie was shiny!"
Beküldő: Half-mad Bastard 2004. augusztus 7.
Something or someone that is good, awesome, wonderful, amazing. (See all other positive synonyms.)
"David Bowie is shiny."
Beküldő: the faeries 2006. szeptember 11.
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