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An ass big enough to hold belongings such as books
That lady doesn't need a backpack because she has a shelf.
Beküldő: mew 2003. május 19.
An ass that utterly defies gravity
<guy1>damn look at the shelf on that one.
<guy2>i know it just... sits up.
<guy1>call schmack we gotta tell him about this one.
Beküldő: Grill 2005. március 13.
to put something in your ass
When he saw the polices steve decided to shelf his weed
Beküldő: bobbie 2003. július 22.
A womans breasts, shelves bieng plural for both
So I get there, she's aged 19, Ferrari chassis, fantastic set of shelves, and legs up to her arse. Muchos tequilas later, I'm in a cab with her
Beküldő: Sethils 2007. október 18.
alternate way of taking drugs by inserting them into the anus
hey gareth, i'm going to swallow one pill and shelf the other one
Beküldő: staticsate 2009. november 17.
A girl with a awesome pair of boobs
Dude did you see that girls shelf? They look like they can hold a stack of books
Beküldő: Lee John 2014. március 2.
A Southern Fairfield County teenage boy who has a black girl's booty.
Damn, the shelf almost knocked over the T.V.
Beküldő: Fatty Mcgee 2004. december 9.

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