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Will I be there tonight? For sheazy!
Beküldő: defythereds 2003. április 15.
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Literally 'sure'. Usually follows fo', which is a bastardisation of the english preposition "for". Can be used in conjunction with 'heazy'.
Fo' sheazy! ... You know, off the heazy?
Beküldő: what-the-shit 2003. december 4.
Modification of the ebonic word "sho" based on English word "sure." All phrases containing two consecutive words ending in an "O" sound should be modified so that the second "O" becomes "eazy."
Fo Sho becomes Fo Sheazy
Mo Fo becomes Mo Feazy
Yo, Ho becomes Yo, Heazy
Beküldő: Safran 2003. május 7.
altered form of 'shit'
fo sheazy
Beküldő: pr0k 2002. december 8.

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