A shart occurs when a fart brings an unexpected/uninvited friend along with it.
Damn it! I thought I just needed to let go of some gas, but it wasn't a fart, it was a shart!
#unexpected poopy #fart #wet gas #damp wind #loose caboose #fart surprise
Beküldő: junglistgirl77 2010. szeptember 13.
Portmanteau word.
A combination of the words "shit" and "art".
Can be used surreptitiously or in a blatant manner.
Tracy Emin: Hey, what do you think of my new sculpture? I call it "My Bed". Pretty cool, huh?

Me: It's most definitely a work of shart.
#art #shit #faeces #turd #excrement
Beküldő: debaseme. 2010. augusztus 18.
when you fart and SHIT your pants.
Dylan sharted and the shit dripped down his legs.
Beküldő: Tyrone McNigger 2005. február 26.
it is when you think you are going to fart, but you really shit your pants
My friend sharted in his sleep and it got all over his sheets
#poop #fart #messy #smelly #and gross
Beküldő: ctdrummer 2012. február 21.
Shart: (Sh-ahrt)

1. v: To unintentionally defecate in one's own pants while attempting to pass gas.

2. n: A mixture of feces and flatulence accidentally expelled from the anus while attempting to pass gas. Typically accompanied by stained underpants and an unpleasant aroma.
Oh man, I've got to go. I just sharted.
Dude that pet store smelled like a shart.
Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse; Shart Attack!!
#sharting #sharted #sharter #foop #skidmarks
Beküldő: Goldenboy08 2011. augusztus 5.
A fusion of two words fart and shit... Due to a determined act of confidently wanting to expel bodily gases out of the rectum, but unexpectedly propelling a small amount of bodily liquids from the aforementioned rectum.
Have you ever farted, but it really wasn't a fart? Yes, I sharted! Happens to me all the time.
#wet fart #liquid surprise #consumé express #poop bomb #butter on the air biscuit
Beküldő: paulazahn 2015. április 8.
A fart that splatters shit with it.
Tom: "I just sharted in the toilet."
Judy: "Ewww! TMI Tom!"
#shart #shit #fart #nasty #ass #toilet
Beküldő: Crop Dusting 2014. június 21.
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