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A fart that turns shitty
The dude sharted and left a spot on my couch when he was trying to make out with me. When I asked him to leave he had a huge wet stain on his ass..omg!!!
Beküldő: moowillie 2011. február 22.
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A shart occurs when a fart brings an unexpected/uninvited friend along with it.
Damn it! I thought I just needed to let go of some gas, but it wasn't a fart, it was a shart!
Beküldő: junglistgirl77 2010. szeptember 13.
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when you fart and SHIT your pants.
Dylan sharted and the shit dripped down his legs.
Beküldő: Tyrone McNigger 2005. február 26.
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it is when you think you are going to fart, but you really shit your pants
My friend sharted in his sleep and it got all over his sheets
Beküldő: ctdrummer 2012. február 21.
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Shart: (Sh-ahrt)

1. v: To unintentionally defecate in one's own pants while attempting to pass gas.

2. n: A mixture of feces and flatulence accidentally expelled from the anus while attempting to pass gas. Typically accompanied by stained underpants and an unpleasant aroma.
Oh man, I've got to go. I just sharted.
Dude that pet store smelled like a shart.
Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse; Shart Attack!!
Beküldő: Goldenboy08 2011. augusztus 5.
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When you fart so hard you shit yourself.
"That was one hell of a fart, I think I might have sharted. My pants are wet."
Beküldő: Dan5665 2012. április 25.
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noun: a fart that when it begins coming out, is apparently sneaking a friend out with it. Most of the time it is detected and stopped, but not always.
I was excercising and had to fart, I sharted and had to leave the gym.
Beküldő: extremely sick 2013. június 5.
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