What happens when you trust a fart.
Never trust a fart. Might be a shart.
#fart #shart #trust #poot issues #carelessness #ooops
Beküldő: Nixxer 2010. február 5.
When your fart bubble becomes mud puddle.
Shart: Hachoouuu, ah poooh
#shitty bubble #poooh splatt #butt blurp #sneeze pooh #mudslide in your pants.
Beküldő: Michigan J. Frog 2009. május 5.
To fart and get more than you bargained for.
You Sharted?

Yeah, I farted and got more than I bargained for....
#fart #sharting #shat #poop #shit
Beküldő: g,sus 2007. november 5.
what happens when one has not defecated in the last 10 hours and relaxes the anal sphincter to fart, but, low and behold, the defecation feels left out and decides to come along for the ride. sometimes results in a hard, long log dropping out of trousers, but is usually wet and messy and results when one tries to push out a fart.

nick: man i sharted last night at the party.
john: that sucks man. how'd that happen?
nick: i hadnt shit since the day before and i really needed to fart. i thought i would be okay just to fart but as soon as i let it out i realized what i had done. i didn't make it to the bathroom in time so everyone saw it run down my leg. it was gross.
john: oh...
nick: but my girlfriend helped me. she wiped my ass for me and she put on my diaper. it took her like 67 wipes just to get all of the shit out of my asshole and off my balls.
john: she must really love you...
#fart #shit #anal leakage #hershey squirts #diarrhea
Beküldő: AlwaysBord 2007. április 9.
AKA: Shit-Farts
While straining to push out a doozie of a fart, you accidently shit you're pants. Can also happen unexpectedly when attempting a silent but deadly hot fart.Reprocussions: 1.)May just leave a small skid mark or 2.) May ruin you're Wedding Dress. Sharts may prelude to a night of drinking warm Coronas.
ex 1.)I accidently shart my pants in line waiting for my Big Mac.
ex 2.) We all heard the fart, and the look on her face made it evident she had just shart her pants. A quick look in the undies confirmed the fact, and new undies were called in.
ex 3.)I had to shower after that shart.
Beküldő: Juliagoolia 2005. augusztus 20.
The accidental discharge of fecal matter, usually of the liquefied kind, when attempting to merely pass gas. If the underwear becomes overly saturated, a stain may appear on the outer garment. This unfortunately results in embarassment and ridicule, if around other people.
What was the name of that guy wearing white pants that sharted in Carl's Jr. then had to take the bus home?
#shit #poop #turd #crap #fart
Beküldő: naknumm 2007. május 15.
an explosional fart that pushes out poop particals with it. it could be embarassing but deep down inside you know your really proud of yourself.
"oh man, i just sharted, but i kinda like it."
#poop #fart #turd tapper #skid #part
Beküldő: i love that boy 2009. április 8.
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