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shack v. intr.

to spend the night at someone's place, sleep in the same bed, and mess around. sex may or may not occur.
"I shacked with him four nights last week, so I think things are getting pretty serious."
Beküldő: jpatt 2004. december 24.
A term used by military pilots esp. the Air Force to indicate to combat controlers, targeters, and air command that the assigned or engaged target has been hit in a manner other than superficial damage.

Also adopted by some Spec. Ops forces with similar meanings.
see above
Beküldő: genmatt 2004. február 15.
to spend the night in someone else's room
This week I shacked Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with three different guys.

I couldn't sleep last night because Amanda was shacking with her boyfriend and fucking hardcore!
Beküldő: fupa 2004. december 5.
Air Force term, a good hit on a ground target.
Beküldő: Sonic 2003. február 5.
ghetto ass house
lets go to my shack and fuck
Beküldő: h0b0 2003. március 14.
(Verb) To more or less bring someone home from the bar.
I shacked up with her sister last night.
Beküldő: Dr. Schmegma 2003. május 19.
Army or other military barracks where soldiers live.
The rooms in the shacks are so small!
Beküldő: Paul McAllister 2004. április 21.
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