When you have so much crazy sex that it is comparative to that of a wild beast
They just had sex 40 times, darn what sex monkeys
Beküldő: whoremuffin1 2011. május 22.
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1. Someone who is fun to have sex with, usually slightly kinky
2. Someone who behaves in a sexy, 'naughty' manner
1. "That girl will try anything, she's an amazing sex monkey!"
2. "Andy's such a sex monkey- you realise he wasn't wearing boxers today?"
Beküldő: satania 2005. április 9.
a sexual devient who enjoys animal booty. They will do anything for some pussy and that can sometimes mean that they have fucked animals, even plants sometimes. People laugh at how horny these people are, but really it is a disease.
Mark Carlson, the sexmonkey, will hae sex with just about anything, including his cat.
Beküldő: cyrus N 2005. október 18.
some who is fun to have sex with
Beküldő: Jaws 2003. március 4.
Someone who is very kinky and a thrill to have sexual intercourse with.
Beküldő: Heisabeast 2011. június 4.
Someone who is fun to have sex with, usually slightly kinky
Rosie Pope, AKA Sex monkey
Beküldő: Thedevilsbitch 2011. augusztus 11.
a science expirament that went wrong and now earth is over populated with these unitelligent "homosapians"
LOOK!!!! thats some real sex monkeys right there
Beküldő: ZOMBIE!! 2010. június 7.

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