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This is Shortfor the following:
Your a dirty,filthy,nasty scumbag; a real lowlife.
Beküldő: Mr. Clean 2004. december 17.
80 109
Slang for cum.
This chick in my psychology class is so hot. Just picturing her in that mini skirt makes me wanna scuz.
Beküldő: winstonwolf 2008. augusztus 27.
181 72
a slutty scumbag or scummy slut
That bitch is scuz.
Beküldő: mj7x3 2011. június 29.
18 26
K-Pop crazed nice girl from North-Europe.
Listens to Korean music, lives in Sweden.
Beküldő: Me :-P 2004. október 25.
7 39
A scummy or otherwise undesirable person.
"That tramp is a scuz."
Beküldő: x 2003. január 22.
56 88
Pre-cum from an uncircumcised penis that has been worked up into a frothy / white state.
Pumping his foreskin up and down turned the clear pre-cum into thick scuz.
Beküldő: none 2003. június 15.
9 42
scuz; ugly as sin; washed up hasbend; a zit face witn boils for beauty marks.
My grandma's ass would make a better face than that scuz's.
Beküldő: john wariner 2003. május 16.
14 48