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To simultaneously Squeeze and CRUNCH.
The classic problem of trying to scrunch twenty-eight poinds of
shit into a twenty-seven-pound basket.
Beküldő: Chuck Hastings 2003. június 28.
Meaning something is gross or nasty
Yo dude that girl is scrunch af!
Beküldő: ThatGuyNamedTitan 2014. november 17.
when a girls bikini bottom goes up her butt
the pool was full of girls with scrunches
Beküldő: awesomemonkey12 2011. augusztus 16.
A scrunch is a mystical being who insists on wearing scrunchies every day. A scrunch likes sex, especially when it is in the form of butt sex. It is scrunch's favorite. A scrunch is a bitter bitch because she is parched... and she has to BEG in order for a guy to let her suck his dick. Her birth certificate is actually an apology letter from a condom factory. True story.
Scrunch is in epic bitch. I often feel the compulsion to insult her.
Beküldő: I Know Someone Who Likes BFing 2013. december 8.
The combination of a scratch and a punch. A scratch- punch.
Beth kept scrunching and scrunching and scrunching Grace all day on her arm because she could.
Beküldő: FRP 2010. július 3.
As a noun- the scrunch is the last 10% of the chips in a bag of chips
I was lookin forward to that bag of chips, but all she left me was the scrunch.
Beküldő: SpencerWilliams 2014. július 23.
A scrotum with 0 or 1 testicle inside. See also chach bag.
After Mr. Garrison's vaginoplasty, his scrunch turned into a pussy.

Man, that guy who looks like a caveman is such a little bitch, I bet he has a scrunch.
Beküldő: Probably the Best Beer in the World 2007. április 23.

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